Chunky Vegetable Salad
Chunky Vegetable Salad
Category : Salad

2 ripe tomatoes, chopped
1 cucumber, cut into large chunks
1 red onion, chopped
1 red or green pepper, cut into large chunks
2 ribs celery, cut into large chunks
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded & finely chopped
30 ml fresh parsley, finely chopped 2 tbsp
10 ml tabasco sauce 2 tsp
2 juice of lime
30 ml olive oil 2 tbsp
salt & pepper to taste

In a large bowl; combine tomatoes, cucumber, onion, peppers, celery, jalapeno and parsley.

In a small bowl; combine tabasco sauce, lime juice and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Pour dressing over vegetables and toss.

Serves 4