Fresh Fruit Sundae Snack
Category : Snacks
Update chocolate fondue with a hint of coffee, and serve it with meringue cookies as crispy dippers.

3/4 cup cut-up strawberries
1 1/4 cups cut-up assorted fruit (such as apples, bananas, cherries, seedless red grapes, kiwi fruit, and/or peaches)
2 large waffle cones
1 tablespoon finely shredded, peeled jicama (optional)

Place the strawberries in a blender container. Cover and blend until smooth.

In a medium bowl gently stir together the cut-up assorted fruit. Spoon into the waffle cones. Drizzle with the pureed strawberries. If desired, top with jicama.

makes 2 servings.

Nutritional facts per serving: calories: 157, total fat: 2g, saturated fat: 1g, monounsaturated fat: 0g, polyunsaturated fat: 0g, cholesterol: 0mg, sodium: 36mg, carbohydrate: 34g, total sugar: 19g, fiber: 3g, protein: 2g, vitamin A: 0%, vitamin C: 58%, calcium: 2%, iron: 4%, fruit: 1diabetic exchange, other carb: 1diabetic exchange, fat: .5diabetic exchange