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Garnishing > Gaufrette Potato Baskets

Gaufrette Potato Baskets

1 large baking potato, peeled
oil for deep frying
Plastic wrap
2 small metal ladles

Affix serrated blade of mandoline to 1/8-inch. Slice potato, discard the first slice. Make gaufrette potatoes with mandoline by turning the potato a quarter turn after each slice. Keep slices in cold water to prevent browning.

In a heavy saucepan heat oil to 350°. Cover a small flat microwave-able plate with plastic wrap; place 4 dried potato slices overlapped slightly in a circle on the plastic; microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Place the potato slices inside a small metal ladle; put a second small metal ladle on top of the potato slices gently pressing down to form into a a basket.

Deep fry potato baskets in hot oil until golden brown; remove from oil and drain gaufrette baskets on paper towels. Repeat this process making more gaufrette baskets.

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