Definition: Long-grain rice (including basmati rice) cooks in firm, dry kernels; short-grain or medium-grain, rice cooks up moist and slightly sticky, as its outer outer layer absorbs more liquid than long-grain rice.

Arborio - One of the Italian medium-grain rices used to make Risotto. Once grown only in Italy, Arborio has become so popular it is now being cultivated in California and Texas.

Aromatic - A broad term for a group of mostly long-grain rices with a pronounced nutty aroma. Basmati, Texmati, Wild Pecan and Jasmine are all Aromatic rices.

Black - Rice with a black-colored Bran layer, popular in Asian cuisine, that sometimes lightens to a deep purple when cooked. There are many varieties of Black rice from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Brown - Rice that has not had its Bran layer removed and therefore has a slight chewy texture and nutty taste. Long-, medium- and short-grain brown and brown basmati are four popular varieties.

Pearl - A short-grain sticky rice, sometimes called sushi rice. It is grown across Asia, California and Arkansas.

red - Rice with a reddish-brown Bran layer, a nutty taste and chewy consistency. Red rice is often marketed as Wehani (also called Russet), Bhutanese red rice and Thai red rice.

Valencia - Valencia rice (sometimes sold as Paella rice), is a large white oval grain. Grown in Spain, it is similar to Arborio. It's the rice used for paella, the Spanish dish that pairs rice with seafood, chicken, rabbit or Chorizo and vegetables.

Wild - Wild rice looks like rice but is actually an aquatic grass. Native to North America, today most Wild rice is cultivated in man-made paddies from the northern Great Lakes to California.

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