Cutting Terms

* Chanterelle - Meaty and fleshy texture; nutty flavor with a hint of apricot. Best sauteed with poulty or fish.

* Chinese - Find in Oriental markets. Soak in water before cooking. Trim the stems and save for making soup.

* Crimini - Firm, dense consistency; earthy flavor. Best used stuffed with Herbs and nuts.

* Dried European - Cepe, boletus, or Porcini. Keep in a tightly sealed jar in your refrigerator. Will keep about 1 year.

* Enoki - Crisp texture, like bean sprouts; clean and fruity flavor. Best used raw in salads and sandwiches.

* Morel - Wild mushroom with a honeycomb cap and hollow stem. These are very dirty mushrooms and Must be cleaned carefully. Morels possess a wonderful earthy flavor, making them good candidates for soups, sauces, and fillings. Morels are most readily available dried.

* Oyster - Tender caps, chewy stems; slight peppery bite. Mix into Cream sauces.

* Porcini - Rich and velvety texture; woodsy flavor which is stronger when dried. Simmer in soups and sauces.

* Portobello - Thick-fleshed with sanity caps; rich and hearty flavor. Best used for grilling, burger-style.

* Shiitake - Spongy caps, tough stems; complex and smoky flavor. Best used in Polenta or Risotto.

* Wood ear - Crunch and chewy texture; subtle and mild flavor. Best used in spicy soups and Stir-fries.

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