Table of Conversion Factors for Converting "Edible Portion" Weights of Foods to "As Purchased" Weights of Foods
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The E.P. (Edible Portion) weight of all vegetables, unless otherwise specified, is used in the recipes. This table lists raw items and easy, one-step conversion factors to determine how much A.P. (As Purchased) weight of vegetables to process.

To use these factors, multiply the E.P. quantity of ingredients listed in the recipe by the appropriate conversion factor given below to arrive at the quantity of the item (A. P.) to process.

3 lb sliced cucumbers (pared) E.P. (ingredient weight) x 1.19 (conversion factor) = 3.57 lb (3 lb 9 OZ) fresh cucumbers A.P. The E.P. quantity maybe determined from an A.P. quantity by dividing the A.P. by the conversion factor as follows:

3.57 lb (3 lb 9 OZ) fresh cucumbers A,P. + 1.19 (conversion factor) = 3 lb cucumbers (pared) E.P.

Conversion Factor E.P. to A.P.

Alfalfa Sprouts 1.00
Asparagus (trimmed) 1.89
Beans, green, whole (trimmed) 1.14
Bean sprouts 1.00
Broccoli (trimmed) 1.64
Broccoli, flowerets (trimmed) 2.20
Brussels sprouts (trimmed) 1.11
Cabbage (trimmed) 1.16
Cabbage (trimmed and cored) 1.25
Carrots (peeled) 1.22
Cauliflower (trimmed and cored) 1.20
Celery (trimmed) 1.37
Celery leaves 34.48
Corn-on-Cob (husked and silked) 1.43
Cucumbers (peeled and seeded) 1.67
Cucumbers (pared) 1.19
Cucumbers (unpared) 1.05
Eggplant (pared) 1.23
Eggplant (unpared) 1.03
Endive (trimmed) 1.11
Escarole (trimmed) 1.11
Garlic, dry (peeled) 1.06
Greens, collard (trimmed) 1.18
Greens, kale (trimmed) 1.41
Lettuce (trimmed and cored) 1.08
Mushrooms, sliced (trimmed) 1.10
Mushrooms, whole (trimmed) 1.10
Onions, dry (peeled) 1.11
Onions, green with tops (trimmed) 1.20
Parsley (trimmed) 1.02
Parsnips (pared) 1.18
Pea pods, Chinese, snow (trimmed) 1.06
Peppers, sweet (stemmed, seeded, cored) 1.22
Peppers, sweet (stemmed, seeded, ends removed) 2.08
Potatoes, white (pared) 1.23
Potatoes, sweet (pared) 1.25
Radishes (trimmed) 1.09
Romaine (trimmed) 1.06
Rutabagas (pared) 1.18
Spinach (trimmed) 1.09
Squash, summer (trimmed & unpared) 1.05
Squash, fall & Winter: 
      Acorn (seeded) 1.15
      Butternut (pared & seeded) 1.19
      Hubbard (seeded) 1.12
Tomatoes (stemmed) 1.02
Turnips (pared) 1.23