General Rules for the Cooking of Meats and Poultry
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Cooking Times and Techniques


Red Meats - Beef, Lamb

RARE - allow twelve minutes to the pound plus fifteen additional minutes

MEDIUM - fifteen minutes to the pound plus fifteen minutes

WELL-DONE - twenty minutes to the pound plus fifteen additional minutes.

Veal, Pork

For these white, close fibered meats which should always be well cooked allow twenty-five minutes to the pound plus fifteen. The reason for the additional time is to allow the meat to become thoroughly heated through to the center.


This should have twenty minutes to the pound. The temperature should begin at 500 degrees, and should remain at that point for approximately fifteen minutes that the surface of the meat may be seared so as to retain the juices, after which reduce to 400-500 degrees F.

For Turkey, the temperature should be 450 degrees F. for fifteen minutes, reducing to 375 degrees F. for remaining roasting period.


The boiling of meats should always be gentle - furious bubbling boiling causes the meats to toughen.