Corning Game
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You can corn venison, antelope, moose, bear or beef with the same corning method. It makes all of these meats plain good eating. People who will not eat wild meats may like them corned, as corning takes out the musky wild flavor and tenderizes the toughest wild meats.

To make 6 gallons of corning liquid:

3 pounds (6 3/4 cup) salt
10 ounces (1-3/8 cup) sugar
2 ounces sodium nitrate
1/2 ounce sodium nitrite
3 level teaspoons black pepper
3 level teaspoons ground cloves
6 bay leaves
12 level teaspoons mixed pickling spice

For onion flavor, add one medium sized onion, minced. For garlic flavor, add 4 garlic cloves, minced. Put the ingredients into a pickle crock or glass jar and add enough water to make a total of 6 gallons, including the ingredients.

The container should be covered. A good piece of round is wonderful corned, but less desirable cuts of meat like the brisket can be corned.

The ideal temperature for corning meat is about 38 F. During the fall or spring months this is not too difficult to obtain. In the winter an unheated part of the basement can be used for corning meat. During the summer months it is hard to find a place around 38 F. Higher temperatures need not affect the end result of the corning process at all, if, for every 15 degrees of temperature above 38 F you add one-third more salt. At 83 F add 3 pounds more salt, making a total of 6 pounds of salt.

Place meat into the liquid. Put a heavy plate on meat; weight plate, if necessary, to keep meat below pickle brine.

Leave the meat in corning liquid for 15 days. On the fifth and tenth days, stir the liquid well, remove the meat and put it back so the bottom piece is on top. After the fifteenth day remove the meat. Use what you want immediately and store the balance in a cool place refrigerated at 38 F. It is recommended that after meat is removed from the corning liquid it should be cooked and consumed within one week or frozen for up to one month.

The meat at this stage has a grayish pink color. When cooked, corned meat changes to the characteristic pink color associated with a cured product.

Cooking Corned Meat

Place the corned meat in a pan with a cover. Add cold water to cover meat. Bring to a boil and remove the scum from the water. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 hours or until tender. Season to taste and serve as the main meat dish.