Converting Bread Recipes for Use in an ABM
Category : Hints, Tips and Tricks
*reduce yeast to 1 teaspoon for 1-1/2 - pound machine or 1-1/4 teaspoon for a 2 - pound machine.

*Reduce the amount of flour to 3 cups for a 1-1/2 - pound machine or 4 cups for a 2 - pound machine.

*reduce all other ingredients by the same proportion as you reduce the flour. If a range is given for the flour, use the lower amount to figure the reduction proportion. for example, for a 1-1/2 - pound bread machine, a recipe calling for 1 pkg. of yeast and 4-1/2 cups flour would be decreased to use 1 teaspoon yeast and 3 cups flour. Since this is a 1/3 decrease in the flour, also decrease the remaining ingredients by 1/3.

*if a bread uses 2 or more types of flour, add the flour amounts together and use that total as the basis for reducing the recipe. The total amount of flour used should be only 3 or 4 cups, depending on the size of your loaf.

*use bread flour instead of all-purpose flour or add 1 to 3 tbsps. gluten flour to the all-purpose flour. If your recipe contains any rye flour, add 1 tablespoon of gluten flour even when bread flour is used.