Buddy Burner
Category : Hints, Tips and Tricks
1 clean tuna can
1 (2-inch) square paraffin
Corrugated cardboard

Cut a long strip of cardboard. The width should be the same height as the tuna can. Roll the cardboard strip firmly and place into the tuna can. Melt paraffin and pour melted paraffin over the top of the cardboard.

To make the stove, with tinsnips, cut vertically about 1/2 way down the side of a large juice can. Make another vertical cut about 4 inches from the first cut. Fold cut section back into the can VERY CAREFULLY.

To start the burner if you don't have matches, take a length of steel wool and make contact with the bottom of the battery with one end. Rub the other end of the steel wool on the top of the battery until it sparks, holding it over the top of the
buddy burner.