Australian Terms
Category : Hints, Tips and Tricks

Some ingredients and terms differ in the USA so I have made a list of helpful things to know. I hope you find them useful!


Australian North American
cake cooler wire rack
cake tin baking pan
essence extract
greaseproof paper wax paper
lamington tin 13"x9"x2" pan
patty cake cups paper cupcake holders
ring tin tube pan
baking tray cookie sheet
serviettes napkins


Australian North American
capsicums bell peppers
stock cubes bouillon cubes
castor sugar superfine sugar
cornflour cornstarch
copha white vegetable shortening
biscuits cookies
dessicated coconut shredded coconut
icing sugar confectioners sugar
glace cherries maraschino cherries
flour(plain) all purpose flour
flour(self raising) self rising flour
flour(wholemeal) whole wheat flour
gelatine unflavoured gelatine
ghee clarified butter
king prawns jumbo shrimp
mince meat ground beef
rockmelon cantaloupe
scones biscuits
shallots scallions
sultanans seedless white raisins
pawpaw papaya
tomato sauce ketchup
lolly gobble bliss bombs cracker jacks
pumpkin(butternut) butternut squash
bacon rashers bacon strips
jacket potatoes baked potatoes
100's and 1000's sprinkles
punnet chip basket