The Rules of the Chef  Hints, Tips and Tricks  1085 reads

Found on the bulletin board of the Chefs Office aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. 1906

1. The Chef is right

2. The Chef is always right

3. The Chef does not sleep, he rests.

4. The Chef does not drink, he tastes.

5. The Chef does not eat, he nourishes himself.

6. The Chef is never late, he is delayed

7. The Chef never leaves the service, he is called away.

8. If you enter the Chef's office with your own idea, you leave with his.

9. The Chef doesn't have a relationship with his secretary, he educates her.

10. It is forbidden for Chefs to marry in order that their numbers should not increase.

11. The Chef is always the Chef, even in his swimming costume.

12. If you criticize the Chef, you criticize the almighty.
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