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Chef Anthony Susi of Sage - Boston, MA

Sous vide is a great technique for slow cooking proteins while infusing flavors. The process originated in France over 30 years ago and literally translates as "under vacuum." In the US, sous vide cooking is mostly used by commercial and institutional food services to break down, seal, and freeze products that can be served at a moment's notice. Within the last few years, the technique has been adopted by America's fine dining chefs. In this particular demonstration, Chef Susi lightly smokes the veal breast for background accent before sealing the breast in vacuum pouches and cooking for 12 hours at a very low temperature. The result is a flavorful and tender product.

STEP 1: Lightly smoke veal or other product.

STEP 2: Combine veal and aromatics in Cryovac bags, and seal to form a vacuum.

STEP 3: Poach for 10 hours at 140° F.

STEP 4: Heat packets in simmering water for 15 minutes.

STEP 5: Remove contents from pouches and gently cook in sauté pan.

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