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Medium Size Weight Volume Weight Volume (Approx.) Water to be Added
1 egg 1.6 oz 3 tbsp 1/2 oz 2 tbsp 2-1/2 tbsp
2 eggs 3.2 oz 6 tbsp 1 oz 1/4 cup 5 tbsp
10 eggs* 1 lb 1-7/8 cups 5 oz 1-1/4 cups 1-1/2 cups
12 eggs 1 lb 3.2 oz 2-1/4 cups 6 oz 1-1/2 cups scant-2 cups
20 eggs 2 lb 3-3/4 cups 10 oz 2-1/2 cups 3 cups
40 eggs 4 lb 7-1/2 cups 20 oz 1-1/4 qt (1-No. 3 cyl cn) 1-1/2 qt

*10 large eggs = 1 lb 2 oz

NOTE: 1.
Frozen Whole Eggs and Frozen Egg Whites may be used in equivalent weights to shelled fresh whole eggs.

NOTE: 2.
Dehydrated Egg Mix may be used in most recipes requiring whole eggs as shown in the table above. DO NOT USE RECONSTITUTED EGGS IN UNCOOKED SALAD DRESSINGS OR OTHER RECIPES WHICH DO NOT REQUIRE COOKING. RECONSTITUTED DEHYDRATED EGG MIX SHOULD BE USED WITHIN ONE HOUR UNLESS REFRIGERATED. DO NOT HOLD OVERNIGHT. For greater accuracy, weigh dehydrated egg mix. Use 1 part egg mix with 2-1/2 parts water by weight. (Egg Mix reconstitutes more easily in lukewarm water; however, cool water may be used.) If weighing is not possible, use standardized measuring utensils and pack egg mix.

NOTE: 3.
Reconstitution Methods for Dehydrated Egg Mix
  1. Method 1. Place dehydrated egg mix in bowl; stir with a wire whip; add 1/2 of the water; whip until a smooth paste is formed; add remaining water; whip until mixure is blended.
  2. Method 2. Add dehydrated egg mix to water; stir to moisten; let stand 5 minutes; whip until smooth.

For Baked Products
  1. Method 1. Reconstitute dehydrated egg mix; substitute for eggs in recipe.
  2. Method 2. Sift dehydrated egg mix with dry ingredients; add water in step in Method column where whole eggs are incorporated.

For Batter Dips
Dehydrated egg mix may be reconstituted and used.

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