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1 bar Ivory Soap (plain, pure soap - no fragrance)
1 cup washing soda (not baking soda)

Fill a large bucket or container with hot tap water. Set aside.

Grate the bar of soap into a saucepan. Add water just to cover the grated soap. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly, until the soap is dissolved. Add the soap-water mixture to the hot water in the bucket. Stir to combine. Then add washing soda and stir. As this cools it will turn into a white gelatinous soap. The thickness will vary depending on the size of container used.

To use:
Pour one cup into soiled laundry load.

This bucket of soap does a lot of laundry for a very small price and more soap is just 15 minutes away. One batch washes 24 loads of laundry.
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