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Spanish Dessert recipes are as varied as the regions that conform Spain, there is always one desert for every occasion and region.

Below, you'll find a selection of some of the most popular Spanish dessert recipes, collected with the unique goal of delivering you the true essence of Spanish gastronomy.

Flan Recipe: This is the classic flan, which is as light and delicious as it is timeless. This basic flan recipe is also used to make flans of different flavors by substituting another liquid for part or all of the milk. For example, the best sweet oranges in Spain come from Valencia and Murcia, and an orange flan, made from freshly squeezed juice, is popular there.

Torrijas: a traditional bread pudding eaten in Easter

Leche frita: A dessert made of milk, egg and flour. A non-conventional dessert very easy do make!

Crema Catalana: Because of its crisp, caramelized topping, this creamy Catalan dessert is often compared to the French creme brulee. Sweet Catalan cream, however, is not as heavy or rich as its French cousin, and thus makes a more pleasant ending to a heavy paella dinner.

Cinnamon Ice Cream: This is a classic dessert in Spain. Although ice cream is not eaten at home, summer dinners many times end up at an 'Heladeria' (ice cream stand) where Spaniards eat this one!

Tocinillo de cielo: Created in the early years of the last century, when wineries from Jerez de la frontera donated the leftover egg yolks of the clarification (the egg whites are used to clarify the wine) to the nuns. These, with divine success, mixed them with syrup and they treated to the bath Maria, thus was born tocinillo de cielo... God blesses them!

Tarta de Santiago (St. James' Cake): A traditional cake from northern Spain. The tarta is dense and rich in flavor and is well-known in Santiago, Spain as a delectable treat used to lure passers-by into restaurants or cafes.

Orange cake: Orange cake is a typical dessert recipe from Valencia, where the best oranges are produced. Orange cake is very easy to prepare, and will become an instant success when you offer it to your family or guests!

Ensaimada: A Majorcan favorite, ensaimadas are warm, yeast-based cakes fashioned into round, coiled shapes. Although delicious, these cakes are time-consuming to prepare, because the dough must be allowed to rise several times.

Arroz con leche: Some say that Arroz con Leche descends from the Moorish occupation of Spain centuries ago, as may be evidenced by the traditionally Arabic mixture of cinnamon and rice. This creamy dessert may be savored warm or cold, though most Spanish establishments tend to serve arroz con leche straight from the oven. If you wish, you may decorate the finished pudding with raisins and an extra sprinkling of cinnamon.
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