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Valentines Day
Valentines Day is approaching fast and ignoring the opportunity presented to increase profits for this day would be foolish. You don't need to have a five star restaurant to make an effort.

A small country pub can find ways to innovate and impress the ladies on this special day. Any opportunity you can harness to show your customers why they visit your establishment and choose NOT to defect to your competitors is worth the effort. If you put enough thought into it, you will create talking points which your customers will share with colleagues in the workplace and further afield. Let's face it, advertising in most forms is expensive; so the chance for free word of mouth press (cheapest and most effective) shouldn't be underestimated.

For this feature, we have investigated Aphrodisiacs, some simple menu ideas, and some seasonal cocktails to inspire your creative side. Be sure to let us know what you do to make this day special for your customers!


An aphrodisiac is defined as a device thought to cause or increase sexual desire or sexual responses. The word is named after Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

The various foods and chemical agents thought to act as aphrodisiacs are too numerous to list. However, those that we are most concerned with in the Hospitality Industry are those which we can use to enhance the experience of certain events like Valentines Day. Foods such as cherries, pears, oysters, pine nuts, liquorice, asparagus and bananas are all associated with inducing a romantic mood. Champagne, absinthe and Cacao based drinks are renowned aphrodisiacs which every bartender should know about in the run up to February 14th!

What is the difference between an aphrodisiac food and a non-aphrodisiac food? There are several differences. For example, spicy foods make the list due to the similarity of their physiological effects (sweating and increased heart rate) with sexual reactions.

In the past, if a food or object resembled genitalia, then it was considered to have sexual powers. Ginseng (also known as the "man root") and oysters were two such substances. Seafood doesn't resemble any genital organ, but it was classified as an aphrodisiac because Aphrodite was born from the sea.

Many diners wouldn't consider a romantic valentine's experience complete without sampling an oyster, finger feeding cherries or strawberries to their partner or sipping cool champagne.

To make the most of your menu on this potentially profitable evening, why not make an extra effort and capitalise on the opportunities such aphrodisiacs present. We have listed a few valentines dishes and cocktails to whet your customers appetites. We have also matched the menu items with a suitable wine to allow you increase revenues by offering a wine pairing.
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