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Mosquito Trap
Items needed:
200 ml of water
50 grams of sugar,
1 gram of yeast (bread yeast, which is located at any supermarket)
1 2 litre plastic bottle

1. Cut the plastic bottle (PET type) in half. Storage of the portion of the neck:
2 . Mix the brown sugar with the hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle.
3 . Add the yeast. There is no need to mix. Creates carbon dioxide.
4 . Place the funnel upside down, the other half of the bottle.
5 . Wrap the bottle with something black, not the top, and put in some corner of your house.

In two weeks you will see the amount of mosquitoes and mosquitoes that are dead inside the bottle.

In addition to cleaning their homes, the breeding sites of mosquitoes and mosquitoes, we can use this method very useful in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, homes, farms, farm, farms, nurseries. etc. Do not forget Dengue in the coming months: this mosquito can kill a person!
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