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In many kitchens, cabinet space is at a premium, and much of that valuable space is taken up by an unwieldy assortment of pots and pans. Even worse, cabinets are far from the ideal place to store your cookware. Stacking pans can cause denting and scratches, and it's never easy to extract the pot you need from under a teetering tower of other pans. That's why so many smart homeowners are turning to kitchen pot racks.

The first thing you'll want to consider when purchasing a pot rack is how many pieces of cookware you will want to hang. You will also need to determine where you would like the pot rack to be placed; if it is going on the ceiling, make sure it is in a spot that will not get in the way of others and will not get bumped by anyone's head! Over an island is a popular place to hang a pot rack; though, if you do not have an island in your kitchen, directly above the stove is another prime location.

Pot racks come in as many (or more!) finishes as cookware, so take some time when deciding which will suit your kitchen and best compliment your cookware. Wrought iron racks are by far the most purchased types of pot racks, though choices include copper, stainless steel, brass, anodized aluminum, chrome and painted metal.

Pot racks are an excellent way to keep your pans neat, organized, clean, and within easy reach. And best of all, they come in a wide array of styles to match any kitchen layout and personal style. Here are a few of the options available to you.

Standalone Pot Racks

If you have a spare corner or an empty bit of space in your kitchen, a floor standing pot rack is a beautiful addition. These pot racks can be made out of decorative materials such as copper or cast iron, and hold your pots and pans in a neat and attractive manner.

Ceiling Racks

Ceiling pot racks for your kitchen are usually shaped like a square, a circle, or an oval and can hang freely over a counter or island. Some have grids that allow you to adjust the hooks for hanging your pans in the formation that is most convenient for you.

Wall-Hanging Pot Racks

Oftentimes shaped like a half-circle or square, these pot racks attach directly to the walls of your kitchen. Some racks even fold up to be out of the way when not actively in use, or have a shelf on top for additional storage space.

All are fairly easy to clean, though a brushed metal will resist scratches and need little polishing over time. Materials such as chrome and copper require more maintenance, as their surfaces will dull and need to be polished more regularly.

No matter what your personal taste, pot racks are a practical and attractive addition to your kitchen and will extend the life of your cookware while reducing your frustration.
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