Characteristics of Good Quality Bread Products and Rolls  Hints, Tips and Tricks  14279 reads

Color. . . . . . . . . . Uniform golden brown top
and bottom. Inside creamy  
white. Free from yellow or
brown spots.
Uniform golden brown out-
side. Inside creamy white
or slightly yellow but free
from streaks.
Even rich brown color,
creamy white inside and
free from streaks.
Shape and size. . Uniform in shape and size,
with straight sides and a
smooth level top. The
volume is at least twice the
size of the unbaked product.
Uniform shape and size.
Well-rounded pebbled
top, free from peaks or cracks.
Well proportioned,
symmetrical with a
well-rounded top.
Crust. . . . . . . . . . Tender and moderately
smooth. Free from excess
Tender, with a thin, slightly
rough or pebbled shiny
Crisp-tender with an even
thickness over entire
surface. Free from cracks
and bulges.
Texture. . . . . . . Slightly moist, tender and
flaky crumb, with a medium
fine grain.
Moist, tender and light
crumb, with medium fine,
evenly distributed air
Soft, springy texture,
tender and slightly moist
with fine grain, thin-
walled cells.
Flavor. . . . . . . . Pleasing, well-blended
flavor with no bitterness.
Pleasing, well-blended flavor
with no bitterness or other
Wheaty, sweet nut-like
flavor. No off-flavors.

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