New York's (Brooklyn's) Famous
New York's (Brooklyn's) Famous Egg Cream
Category : Beverages, Non-Alcoholic
Did you really think it had egg in it?

1 cup milk
Sparkling seltzer water
About 2 tablespoons Fox's U-Bet Chocolate-Flavored Syrup*

To concoct an authentic Brooklyn Egg Cream, pour milk into a glass. Add sparkling seltzer water until a white head reaches the top of the glass. Spoon in about 2 tablespoons of syrup with a little wrist action. Voila!

Makes 1 serving.

* According to New York City-born actor, director, and comic genius, Mel Brooks, an admitted Egg Cream cultist, "You got to get Fox's U-Bet Syrup. If you use any other syrup the egg cream will be too bitter or too mild."