July, 2009 Kiev Post, Kiev, Ukraine
July, 2008 Kiev Post, Kiev, Ukraine
May, 2007 CTC Television, Morning Breakfast Show, Khabarovsk, Russia
Apr., 2007 Zolotov Rog Newspaper Article, Vladivostok, Russia
Apr., 2007 Kapital Magazine, Moscow Russia
Mar., 2007 Zolotov Rog Newspaper Article, Vladivostok, Russia
Mar., 2007 THT News, Vladivostok, Russia
Feb., 2007 Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky
Jan., 2006 Chefs Guild of Georgia
Aug., 2005 "TKB" Russian Television Network Interview, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Aug., 2005 "Fadbrica di Moda" Fashion Magazine Interview, Russia
Aug.. 2005 "Pectoctap" Russian Newspaper Interview, Russia
June, 2005 Good Housekeeping Magazine
July, 2005 "The Messenger" English Language Newspaper, Tbilisi, Georgia
Sept., 2004 "Canada AM", CTV Network
Sept., 2003 The Discovery Channel
Aug., 2002 The "New RO" Television
July, 2002 The "New RO" Television
June, 2002 The "New RO" Television
July, 2001 The Ottawa Citizen
Jan., 2001 Woman's Day Magazine
Dec., 2000 Honolulu Star Bulletin
Nov., 2000 "Food TV" Offered Series
Sept., 2000 Gimli Today Newspaper
June, 2000 The Winnipeg Sun Newspaper
June, 2000 CBC Radio 1
June, 2000 CJOB Radio
June, 2000 "The A Channel" Big Breakfast (twice)
May, 2000 The Winnipeg Free Press

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